It’s Not All About Me, Really.

Apparently, in my desire to “build a better blog,” I am finding out that wordpress does not allow a blog roll.  It’s not all about me, really, but wordpress thinks it is.

For those of you who might be lost, a “blog roll” is a list of blogs that the blogger recommends to his readers.  This, dear wordpress, yes, I’m talking to you, is what blogging is supposed to be all about.  It’s about sharing and connecting information.

With the sad demise of blogger, I now am here.  Therefore, I will not be posting a blog roll because I just can’t.  For those bloggers that were listed on my old blog and my new friend that I told I would add her blog to my blog roll, I am sorry.  I am still reading your blogs.  If I can find a way to promote your blogs, I will.  I miss you being there on my sidebar already.

Thanks for understanding…….


3 thoughts on “It’s Not All About Me, Really.

  1. I think you have to follow things through your wordpress account first. Then when you are on your dashboard (that has all the different things you can edit on the left) hover over the “appearance” and then click widgets. Then you can drag the widget “Blogs I Follow”. That’s about the only way I could figure out within a few seconds. But I will keep looking for you. Otherwise you would have to like set up a whole link list. Or maybe create a page for Blogs you follow and somehow incorporate and RSS feed into that specific page.

  2. Also there is an RSS feed option WHICH if you have a reader that your blogs go through, you could get that address and insert it. I haven’t used a RSS reader in awhile so I’m not sure. Maybe I should start doing that again so I can keep up with all my sisters who are suddenly PREGNANT and BABY CRAZY. Yea.

  3. Thanks to my official technical advisor! I miss you! Remember helping me with MySpace!? ba ha wah ha! I know about the widget for blogs to follow, but it seems like it’s only for wordpress blogs and that won’t work. I have thought about setting up a tabs page at the top with links…..I will think about that….I don’t have much time but am just doing a little every day. You should have been here for the venting when blogger ate my photos….! ha ha ha! ❤

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