A World In Constant Change

Ha ha!  I wrote this and posted it on February 10, 2012 on my Semkee/Seeds blog!  It was winter time and right now I don’t want to think about -30C weather!  That was a COLD winter!  God had some changes in store for me so it is interesting for me to go back and  read what was on my mind during that time!

It’s still very very cold in Ukraine! I don’t think it’s been much warmer than -13C for the last couple of weeks, with occasional dips down to -30C!

I have to say that I have enjoyed the sunshine that seems to start when it’s this cold. I actually felt WARMTH from the sun yesterday on my way home and that was exciting. Spring IS coming eventually!

Growing up in So Cal I was not as aware of seasonal changes. There are seasons there but you have to be sensitive to notice them. Sometimes it’s as subtle as the smell of cut grass, Girl Scouts peddling cookies and the sound of Vin Scully’s voice on the radio. Those things would mean it’s springtime.

This morning I was reading a friend’s blog and I realize that seasons in our life change for us as do weather seasons. I think God created weather seasons to be a backdrop of the seasons we go through in our lives. When you think about it, we are going through changes of all kinds constantly in our lives. What is hard for people is when they get stuck and refuse to change. Change is uncomfortable for some people. Change usually means growth if we choose to embrace that. As an adult, I can look back and see that as children we all desire and look forward to change and growth. We can’t wait to become Seniors in high school. We can’t wait to turn sixteen so we can drive. We can’t wait to start college. We can’t wait to graduate and get a job.

I’ve noticed that as an adult, we don’t have to keep taking tests and we get involved in work or life to the extent that we stop looking forward to new seasons. We slow down and it becomes harder to push ourselves to grow.

I think God puts changes and seasons in our lives to keep us growing. It’s important at whatever age we are to keep learning about him and life and the people he puts in our lives. It’s important to learn about the world around us and adapt to the changes. God allows change in our lives so we can learn more about him. As we grow we see the world differently and can engage in it with it more realistically and with greater depth.

Don’t be afraid of change, embrace it.


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