Summer Harvest


Summer has been good.  I haven’t been posting much because I think my brain has turned to mush with the warm weather.  I am super glad it’s not as humid as usual and over all the weather has been very pleasant.

Last week I visited my friend who lives outside of Kyiv and she took me to her mother in law’s dacha.  She gave me all the loot in the above photo and offered me one or two kittens to take back with me to Kyiv.  Unfortunately I had to decline them!

I love to cook so having nearly 20 lbs of vegetables and fruit was a treat.  I still have not eaten through it all.  I have the potatoes and also the beets left.  I will be making beet salad.  Food without chemicals taste like nothing else.

I’m still getting the hang of this new blog.  I will try to get my brain cells working and write again soon.

What are you doing special this summer?


2 thoughts on “Summer Harvest

  1. Here in Alabama we have a mild summer. Lots of rain. My parents moved with us this past Jan. because of health issues. Been busy and we became grand parents in June, our first. School starts here next week so the summer is all but over. God is good and we are Blessed. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Hey Alan! Thanks for commenting! Congratulations on being a grandfather! Sounds like you have a full plate going for you right now…..thanks for reading and many many blessings…..

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