The Little Things

DSCF0678On Facebook I asked for questions, suggestions or thoughts on a blog post……My friend Cindy asked me to write on where I see God moving in the little things……so, here’s my thoughts……..

How do I see God move in the little things?  I wonder if there even are little things anymore.  Everything is a big thing.  When one wrong move (life here is a bit intense at times) could end everything, then there are no little things.

Each day, every one of us has to deal with things in our hearts that are big for each of us but might be little things to others around us.  These desires in our hearts are big things to God.

I have a babula friend at our local market who is physically little.  Her family has passed and she has no husband or children to care for her.  She is of little importance to our society and has to beg for her survival.  She lives in a socialized housing unit for seniors and the stories she tells me raises the hair on the back of my neck.  Befriending her, buying her food and helping her buy medicine is a big thing to her.

My ministry to children and mothers at risk is a little thing in our community.  Our organization used to boast five centers and was one of the larger ministries in Ukraine.  We are now tiny and exist from month to month.  But even with the hardship, we continue to minister to over a hundred at risk mothers and families per year.  We are a big thing to God.

An orphan who is hosted to a foreign country but returned back to their home country and never adopted is just a little thing in the adoption system, but that child is a big thing to God.

I see God work in the little things everyday.  The little things are the big things to God.


2 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Your service to Him is a big thing, friend. I truly believe like the woman who poured all of that perfume upon His feet, He sees you in that same beautiful light 🙂

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