ChildRescue’s Day Center Update


The Mom’s Club has started up again this summer.  It seems to be an indestructible ministry at this point.  ChildRescue’s Day Center is currently ministering to 117 at risk families.  Most of these families are single mothers.  We are all trying to do everything to keep this important ministry together.

I will keep saying it til it gets through people’s heads…..orphan care is not just about adoption. There are reasons that there are children in orphanages and some of them are simply because the families do not have the resources or skills to stay together.  If these issues are not addressed along with adoption, then “ministry” of adoption turns into an “industry” of marketing children.  All areas of at risk/orphan care should be addressed if people are truly interested in caring for the fatherless.



Here some mother’s are going through our humanitarian clothes.



5 thoughts on “ChildRescue’s Day Center Update

  1. Is there a specific address to send things to to fill up the box for humanitarian cloth’s. I have some stuff for women and children. As an American of Ukrainian heritage who has adopted from Ukraine. I would love to send perfectly usable stuff I cannot use any more.

    • Hello anxious to know…my husband is more than ready to donate this box of stuff locally. I would like to get it to Ukrainian Mother’s and their children.

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