We’re Gonna Need Baseball Fields In Kyiv!

DSCF0853It’s been another good week.

For the past month I’ve been helping a group of boys learn baseball at a government shelter.  We have up to fourteen boys at a time on the field throwing, catching, hitting and trying to figure out whether to run to 1rst, 2nd or 3rd base.

The children in this shelter are from the street or a very tough family situation.  They are living in the shelter temporarily.  The average time is about a year.  If the counselors at the shelter cannot work with the families to create a stable home, the children will be moved to an orphanage or a foster family.  This is hard work for the staff and they are doing a lot of unseen and unrewarded work with little resources.

The boys are a bit difficult to work with as they are unused to being focused, but I enjoy getting to know them and seeing if I can point their unlimited energy in a positive direction.

Next week they will be coming to our baseball/softball camp and they are looking forward to it!

I want to give a shout out to Ya Ya Bats as two of their team players, Dima and Vova have been a huge help in coaching and training the boys.


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