Just Believe

I got a wonderful email today from a friend at home in response to my latest newsletter.  At the end of it she wrote, “I don’t know how you do what you do.”

My response to that is, “I don’t really know how I do what I do either.”

I do know that my faith in God and his word is the biggest factor in anything good you may see in my life.  I’ve learned a lot about walking in faith since I’ve been here and that topic alone would be another blog post, heck a huge book!

Other than that, I would say that surviving in a culture not your own and full time ministry is about having an extreme tenacity to experience life.  I know that there is a line that some people stop at when they are too far out of their comfort zone.  You have to be willing to change and grow.  You have to be willing to mess things up and make mistakes.  You have to be willing to look like an idiot at times.  You have to be willing to acknowledge that you don’t have it all together all the time.  That is really hard for some people.  I know full well that I can do nothing here without God.  It all comes down to leaning on him in whatever I am going through.

Right now I’m in a really positive season in my life.  I’ve gone through bad seasons here as well.  That’s life wherever you live.  You have good times and bad.

The last thing I want is people looking at my photos and reading my newsletter and blog posts and thinking, “I can’t do that.”

I want you to be encouraged.  I want you to think, “I can walk out on faith and do whatever God calls me to do in my life.”

Because you can.  Just believe.





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