The Greatest Generation


This is my grandma.  The photo was taken at her Halloween party last month.  That’s why she’s wearing the kitty ears.  She loves cats.  She is 95.  I have always loved listening to the stories of her life.  She grew up during the depression and lost her mom due to childbirth when she was seven years old.  My great grandfather worked very hard to keep his four children together so they wouldn’t be split up to live with relatives.  She married my grandpa and they were together fifty six years before he passed.  She said that they were able to stay married so long not because they didn’t ever fight, but because they had promised never to leave each other.  She got to enjoy the era of big band music and dance to Benny Goodman and listen to Frank Sinatra sing in their prime.  She was part of the generation that fought and won World War 2.

My grandma is the same age as Billy Graham.  My grandma told me she received the Lord through Billy Graham’s ministry.  He was her generation’s evangelist and has touched the lives of many people all over the world.  He’s always been a straight shooter and focused on the gospel.  It seems like some Pastors nowadays talk about everything but the gospel.  I thought it would be cool to share his 95th birthday message to America:


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