The Bucket List

So for a long while now I’ve heard people talking about their “bucket list” and I’ve noticed that they are talking about stuff they want to do in life, but I didn’t really understand exactly what it meant or where the term came from.  This is the hazard of living in a culture outside your own and dealing daily in your non-native tongue.

My curiosity got the best of me this week so I googled, “bucket list” and I found out the exact meaning from the Urban Dictionary and noticed that a movie had come out by the name in 2007 starring two amazing actors, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I hadn’t even heard of the movie much less seen it.  Another movie that for me has been lost in the cross cultural abyss of what is known as my life.

Anyway, the concept of a bucket list, or list of things to do before you die, got me to thinking about my own bucket list.  After contemplating my life, I was surprised to find out that my bucket list is pretty short.

I think the concept of a bucket list can be good, because it makes you set goals for things that you want to do.  But it also can be a way of putting things you want to do on a shelf for the future.  Things that you want to do but don’t know how to do or think you don’t have money to do, or are even intimidated to do.  I also noticed that I’ve been able to do or experience a lot of amazing things in my life that I would not have actually put on a bucket list when I was younger, but if I had known, I would have listed it.  When I was young I knew I wanted to visit the Soviet Union, but I never in a thousand years would of imagined that I would spend part of my life LIVING in the former Soviet Union.

I’m not going to share my bucket list on the internet, but I will share the places that I want to visit, must absolutely visit…….

1. Tokyo, Japan

2. Scotland

3.  Drive across the USA.  The entire USA.  Coast to coast.

4. Mongolia

Can you share one thing from your bucket list?  Where is one place from your bucket list that you just have to go to?


4 thoughts on “The Bucket List

  1. I too would like to drive coast to coast in the USA. I also want to go across Europe from France, all the way to the Chinese coast .

  2. I actually have crossed off two of my “bucket list” items in the last year:
    1. Travel to Tibet (did that in Oct 2012)
    2. Go to school at Harvard (am currently attending classes twice a year at EDS, Cambridge, Mass.)

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