Street Food

1397766_10151704990176386_1568338030_oSince the Euro Cup in Ukraine, it seems as though there’s been some new street food options.  In the past, street food in Kyiv usually meant doughy bread stuffed with cooked cabbages, meat or some kind of sausage type hot dog stuck in a roll.

I pretty much cook and eat at home here, but the past few months, I’ve been pretty busy and I’ve been finding myself trying some of the new street food places I’ve seen pop up.  I’ve found “Kyiv Diner” (photo above) which has hamburgers starting at 20 hrivnya.  They are actually better than McDonald hamburgers.  Belgian Waffles features small waffles which are very tasty on their own or you can add toppings of fruit, Nutella or whipped cream.  I’ve found home made donuts covered with powdered sugar at one metro stop.  And the best sharuma around is found at the Uzbekistani stands where if you decline the hot sauce, they will give you the “you are weak and timid like a doe” look.  There’s also tons of new coffee places where you can get a decently priced coffee on the run.

Kyiv’s a big city with tons of people constantly moving and life is lived at a fast paced rush.  Having more street food and having it be tasty is really wonderful!


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