Flu, Hives, Another Revolution And Other Strange Stuff

Well my goal was to post everyday in November and that was kind of a crazy idea because I was busy with the Never Ending Baseball/Softball Camp.  When that ended, I came down with a wicked case of the stomach flu which then turned into the most wicked case of hives that I’ve ever experienced.  Today is the first day I actually feel rested and have not broken out in hives as some point. Crazy!

Oh and in the middle of all this Ukraine’s government decided not to sign a trade agreement with the European Union which sparked a wave of protest now called “Euro Maidan.”  The downtown square of Ukraine is barricaded by the political opposition. Check Kyiv Post or Global Voices for more information.

Each year for New Year’s, Kyiv puts up a huge “yolka” New Year tree in the main square.  For the past few years this tree has been decorated in strange ways.    One year it was purple and covered with a chocolate company’s logo all over it, the next year it looked like a rocket and sported TV monitors in it.  This year it looks a bit different.  The city workers who were putting up the tree were run off and the branches are being used as barricades.  The tree is not suffering for decorations as many have hung flags and other interesting items on it.



A twister game!!!


Branches of the New Year’s tree being used as part of the barricade.

I will be posting articles and photos on my Facebook page, so go there if you want to keep abreast of what is happening in Ukraine. If you aren’t connected to me on Facebook, you can leave a reply here with your facebook url and I will add you.


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