Scattering The Frost

When I was little girl growing up in Southern California, every now and then in the fall it would get really cold at night and we would run outside in the morning to see a light layer of frost on the roof.  The excitement of frost on the roof knew no bounds.  For us it was a complete break in weather and life expectations.  No matter that it would completely melt in about thirty minutes after the sun kissed it.  To me it was like viewing a snow covered roof laden with ice.  To me, it brought on fantasies of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “The Long Winter.”

If you check the weather reports from around the world it seems as if the weather is a little confused everywhere.  Unstable would be a good word.  Last year Kyiv received 40 million tons of snow at the end of winter, so far this year, we only received a decent snowfall just yesterday.  That was after I walked home noticing buds sprouting on the bushes.

We’ve had a lot of instability in Ukraine the last couple of months and it doesn’t look like things will calm down soon.  Instability and chaos seem to be themes of the day whether it’s the weather or our lives.

The other night when it was raining hard, I opened my balcony to see what was going on as the wind was blowing pretty strong.  The rain had turned to something between sleet and ice.  The ice was not falling, it was being blown sideways by the wind and the city lights were reflecting off of it.  It was an amazing and surreal sight.  Something I had never seen before.  Definitely more exciting than a layer of frost on a roof in Southern California.

Even though the weather was behaving in a way not expected, I still was able to experience  and see something amazing.  In our world today I think many people are confused because life is not going the way they expect it to go.  The instability of our governments, work and relationships take a toll on us.  Constant confusion is exhausting.  With every change we try to change our thinking to line up again with our expectations and the world around us then changes again.

I think there are two things that we can look for when our lives spin out of control.  We can look to God and trust him even more in the situation.  The second is that if we are trusting in him more than our expectations or desires, then he will show us amazing and surreal things about our circumstances.  See, he controls it all.  I believe that we make our own choices in life, but for the other, the things that we cannot control, he has his hand on them.  We just need to trust him and keep our eyes wide open to see what he is doing in our lives.  Then we will experience and see amazing things.

He gives snow like wool:  He scatters the frost like ashes; He casts out His hail like morsels; Who can stand before His cold?  He sends out His word and melts them; He causes His wind to blow, and the waters flow.  –  Psalms 147:16,18.


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