State Of Life In Ukraine Address

IMG_7918 - Version 2I haven’t posted much here because it’s been just a little bit too crazy here.  I have not really been able to get my thoughts together very well and process what is happening.

Politics is not really what I want to get involved with, but when the country you live in is on the verge of civil war, you get sucked in.  Very sucked in.

I am two bus stops from where, if you’ve been following the news, you have seen riot police lined up against the people of Ukraine, who defend themselves against snipers with molotov cocktails and cobblestones picked out of the road beneath them.

I spent two days last month listening to the constant explosions of flash grenades and the smell of tires burning.

I’ve watched titushki get chased down my street by automaidan a few times.

I’ve wondered how in the world those of us living here would ever be able to control our Facebook pages or how we could share on our blogs as we lost our freedom of speech.  Something no one I’ve talked to even begins to understand.

I have to constantly defend myself for really not feeling very passionate about taking a side.  Sorry, I have been here a long time and I want my energy to go into ministering to children.  Sorry, that I’ve been through so much and have watched so many people I love live through such heartaches that now that real life in Ukraine is being addressed and discussed through a revolution, I find it all somewhat anti climatic.

I don’t judge anyone for whatever they believe or whatever side they want to take.  I grew up in a free country where people were allowed to have individual political opinions.  To me, that’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.  I am very proud of my Ukrainian friends and the Ukrainian people who are standing up for what they believe in.  They are very brave and I admire that bravery greatly.

I am praying for Ukraine to find the best path for herself politically.  One that will allow Ukrainians to live good lives without political, social or spiritual oppression.  One that will give Ukrainian children a future and a hope.

Please join me in this prayer during this difficult time.


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