Walking By Faith, Not By Sight

The last 3 1/2 months have been an advanced course of praying and making decisions based on my faith in God and not in what appears to be happening around me.  The weird thing is I’ve had a lot of peace both emotionally and spiritually and that has rubbed up against what other people around me might be feeling or thinking and it’s a peace that I just can’t give people or explain very well.  It doesn’t make sense because it’s faith based decision making.

Watching the protests grow and turn violent while in Ukraine was interesting enough, but being stateside and watching the fast turns of violence, peace, mourning, unity and now the invasion of Russia into Ukraine has been alarming and distressing.  Watching news come out of Ukraine and end up on national media twisted and pimped up for a maximum effect, which is then presented to viewers in such a way to draw them in by the “potential terror of it all,” is draining and just not what news is supposed to be about.  But that’s another blog post for another day.  Yes, the situation is serious enough to turn into a world war three scenario and very very scary, but twisting the news to fit an agenda is just not balanced, objective news, it’s fear based rumors.

It doesn’t help that Russia itself is churning out misinformation at an alarming rate.  There is an ideological, misinformation war going on that is not reported in the news.  The psychological stress of misinformation coming out of Russia is at a level that makes me wonder if it could be considered psychological warfare for those living in Ukraine.  I have never seen that addressed in the news either.

Listening to people talk about Ukraine after getting their information from the news makes me realize how much we allow the news to define the world around us.  We don’t think about it, investigate it or wonder if it’s correct or not.  What we hear and see we internalize and without thinking about it, it starts to affect our decisions and views. This can be devastating if we are basing our decisions on incorrect information because our decisions make or break our future.

All this has made me think about how easily we let news define our world and how much we struggle sometimes as Christians in allowing the word of God to define our world.  We have a book that has been around for thousands of years and contains all the wisdom and promises of God which we should be using to guide our decisions, yet so many times we do not access it’s wealth for our lives and futures or we struggle with believing the blessings and good news that it contains for us.

One of my main challenges the past few months is to dig deeper into the word of God, pray, and study the information presented about the world around me so that I can make good decisions.  It’s time consuming but important if we want to learn to really walk by faith and not by sight.


4 thoughts on “Walking By Faith, Not By Sight

  1. Thank you, Michelle. Really good food for thought!

    By the way: you nailed it by labeling it psychological warfare. This is how we are experiencing it. This is what is fuelling the world around us and creates fear. It also seems to drive locals towards Russia more than if all of this would have been a democratic process. It is scary to witness.

    For us personally, it is wearing us out. It literally is draining our energy. Constantly having to think and rethink if this is going to be a safe place to stay,

    In Christ, Tristan.

  2. Thank you so much for commenting Tristan. Know that I am praying daily for you and your family. I know it’s psychologically very difficult right now. I think it could also be called “Psychological terrorism.” Stay strong!

  3. It makes a big difference if you are close to a situation and have had the time and work put in to understand a place and a people. Our news media have had to parry down the number of foreign corespondents because news (of the kind that informs rather than inflames) doesn’t pay enough money for print media and TV to keep at it. We are all the losers for that. And, of course, most Americans have a mono-cultural outlook at the rest of the world. We take shortcuts in our thinking instead of demanding solid information. American jingoists are having a field day with the crisis in the Ukraine. At least you can provide information and understanding from the viewpoint of a long-time resident and as a person who appreciates the people of the Ukraine. Blessings on you!

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