A Time For War And A Time For Peace

1964783_10203211343394659_1504425186_nUkrainians praying this morning on Maidan.  Photo by TCH.

Tomorrow, or today if you are in Eastern Europe, Russia will force an illegal referendum vote in Crimea whereas the Ukrainian citizens there will “vote” on if they want to have Crimea become a part of Russia now….or the other option which is for Crimea will become a part of Russia “later.”  There is no check box to vote no and the ballots are being sent out pre printed with “yes” on them.

There is another sticky detail which is that Crimea (which is a republic of Ukraine) cannot legally succeed from Ukraine by a vote.  Contrary to Russian propaganda, Ukraine is not a chaotic place without a government and ruled by civil unrest.  The Ukrainian government has been unified and has a working interim President and Prime Minister as well as a parliament who are all working together to lead the country.  Russia has invaded Ukraine’s territory and now we are waiting to see what will happen next.

I have been in Ukraine for fifteen years and through all the good, bad and down right craziness, I have to say that I still love Ukraine and the people so much and I have a big lump in my gut thinking about the worst case scenario.  But I also have hope in my heart because I have seen so many situations of total chaos where God has turned things completely around.  As I see photo after photo in my Facebook newsreel of Ukrainians on their knees praying in cities around the country, I think back to the days before the Orange Revolution.  We were constantly praying and it was an amazing time of answered prayer for the country.

None of us know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know that I am standing with Ukraine and believing with them in a God who is working for them.  I have seen him move in two very scary political situations before this one and I believe that He will work again in this one.  Please stand with me in prayer over the next two days.

Here are some things you can specifically pray for:

A peaceful resolution and that Russian troops would completely pull out of Ukraine.

Pray for the interim government, military and leaders in all social/cultural areas of life as they deal with problem solving and leading/protecting their country.

Pray for those who have already lost their loved ones.  Pray for everyone living in Ukraine as many are still suffering from physical wounds and everyone is dealing with the psychological stress and pressure of a possible war.

Pray for the orphans, street and all at risk children in Ukraine.  Pray for the poor families and children who depend on government finances.  Ukraine’s financial situation is tenuous and orphans and those who care for children by government finances will be facing a lot of unknowns until the financial situation in the country can be stabilized.

Pray for a spiritual revival for us all.

Please feel free to add more specific prayer requests regarding Ukraine in the comments situation……..


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