Make Baseball Diamonds, Not War

There’s no way I’m going to try and catch up with what is going on in Ukraine on this blog since my last post.  And there’s no way I could ever explain what is happening in Ukraine right now since it’s a day by day thing and since most of the news seems to be getting things pretty twisted compared to reports from people that I know who are actually IN Ukraine.

While the situation is very serious, this is what I know for sure about what is happening in Ukraine right now:



And this.

Yes, baseball and softball for boys and girls.  See ministry doesn’t stop.  Life doesn’t stop.  Children still need to learn, play and grow spiritually, emotionally and physically even if their country is fighting for it’s life.

Youth Of Ukraine Phoenix Project is continuing to work with Ukrainian children during this difficult season and we are planning on a very active summer, so we need help to get stuff like this:

10014633_638944982826408_9223355079319444713_nAnd this:


shipped to Ukraine.  We are currently collecting equipment and have been blessed with boxes of inventory for children in Ukraine.  Please consider helping with a donation to pay for shipping costs.

Just click HERE for more information or for paypal payment info.  Even a little bit adds up to a lot.




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