After Maidan

DSCF1453I’m back in Kyiv and the first place I went to was Maidan.  It was very emotional for me and I don’t think any of these photos do a good job of sharing what it’s like to be here.  I was pretty exhausted and jet lagged when I took these photos, but I wanted to share what it’s like for those of you who can’t be here.




There are memorials, candles and photos everywhere you turn to pay tribute to those who were killed.  It was pretty quiet Sunday except for a musician who was playing guitar on the stage.  Many people were openly weeping.




While it was hard, in some small way, it also felt healing to walk around and know that it is really over.  It also felt hopeful.  Hopeful in that no one died in vain.




DSCF1450And yes, Old Glory made it through the fires.  She’s a little burned with a few holes, but she’s still waving.

Today a lone trumpeter kept playing the last phrase of the American national anthem.  “The land of the free and the home of the brave.”  I kept wondering what the heck he was doing just playing the last few notes of my national anthem, and then I realized that he was playing the rift over and over because he was focusing on what the words meant for his own country.

Ukraine has not yet died.


4 thoughts on “After Maidan

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart through the photos. Poignant scenes. They bring home the point. You are brave to go back. But I know there is more for you to do now than ever. Much love.

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