Back To Reality

Yesterday was the first day in over six months that I woke up and did not check Kyiv Post, Facebook or my emails first thing in the morning.  I figure such a momentous event is worthy of a blog post.

The last six months has been a continuous circus of “trying to figure out what is really going on.”  Because the news media is so slanted and twisted, and because I’m involved with a country that had a revolution and now is in a war, checking the news becomes a little more important than it usually is.

Facebook is both a blessing and a curse.  Facebook has become one of the most accurate ways to find out information.  I have many friends all over Ukraine and am able to see their posts and also follow Ukrainian journalists or people studying the situation first hand.  I can message them and ask what is happening where they are and get their opinion.

Unfortunately it is also a place where there is a lot of confusion.  Russia is waging an information war and many articles have been twisted and rearranged by news media along Russian propaganda lines and people post them incessantly and naturally share their emotional feelings about things.  That is to be expected and is normal.

But constantly wading through all this goulash plus dealing with your own emotions is tiring and getting very old.  I find myself on information overload and just don’t want to talk or deal with what is going on around me.  This conflicts with the natural feelings of being worried or the deeper feelings of truly caring and feeling compassionate about the situation.  Can you say political news fatigue?  I knew that you could.

So yesterday, with a supposedly “cease fire peace plan” in effect, I decided to stay away from social media, emails and digging through things to find out what is going on.

I had a lovely Sunday morning.  And I highly recommend this exercise to everyone.

Unfortunately the cease fire “peace plan” never really worked so I was up this morning checking Kyiv Post.

Back to reality.


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