Summer Camp During Wartime

For those of us living in Ukraine right now, there is no doubt that we are living in a country at war.  Ukraine must defend herself to survive.

The last nine months I’ve found myself making hard decisions and one of the biggest is to stay in Ukraine as long as possible.  I’m thankful to everyone who has been supporting this decision and want you to know that this summer is turning out to be super amazing in many ways.

The last few weeks, I volunteered at a wonderful summer camp for orphans, social orphans and at risk children.  With the war going on, they opened their doors to refugee children and children whose parents are fighting or have died in the war.  We had, I think, a little over 400 children at camp.

The camp reminded me a lot of my scouting days with activities that focused on learning skills and personal growth.  We also taught the children about their Ukrainian traditions and culture.   We focused on helping them understand and build community with each other. We were able to spend quality time with these children empowering them and teaching them as individuals.  It was a powerful experience for me.

Here’s a video:

My hat is off to Nove Pokolinnya and Help Us Help The Children for all the work they do.  It was a blessing to be able to work at this camp.

I posted my photos of camp on Instagram and Facebook.  Here are some of my favorites:






10360832_10152170738656386_6277210474204753343_n10422918_10152168787781386_1763623395962879820_nOne child used chalk to express his thoughts, “I am for peace.”

May this war be over soon!


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