Catch It!

We are full steam ahead into autumn and the weather….well the weather has been pretty breath taking!  I have to say, if I ever leave this part of the world, I might miss October the most of all the months of the year.  I love the cold, crisp weather and golden leaves.  It’s time for one last bask in the sun before it leaves us for the next five months or so.

I have been too busy to put down anything on paper, or in this case, the internet.  My commute is now a good two hours a day on the metro.  I spend the time either hoping against hope that someone gets up so I can sit down or I sit down and take a cat nap and hope I don’t fall completely asleep and end up at the end of the line.

Between the glorious weather and not so fun commute, there is baseball.  A lot of baseball.  Since I’m home sick today, I’m going to just update with some of my favorite photos since I’ve last posted.  I think they say it all.

wpid-img_20140924_162108.jpgNow what is better than a girl playing baseball with an Hello Kitty cap?





There’s a ball in this photo somewhere.  No one knows where.


Kids learning how to pitch absolutely fascinates me.




Actually the team’s name is Diki Volki, not the Giants.  That’s Wild Wolves for you English speakers.  They are currently undefeated.  So is our second team, the Tigers.


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