Kyiv Children’s Baseball Tournament Final, Ypa, ypa, ypa!

The title has some Russian in it.  Sorry.  That’s how my brain works these days.  Three languages rolling around in it.

Last Sunday I dragged myself up off my death bed.  (I have been sick, let me tell you…..) and went to the final game of the Kyiv Children’s Baseball Tournament.  Our two teams, the Darnitsa Tigers and Diki Volki (Wild Wolves for those who need to know) were both playing for the championship.  And after a very interesting game that could have really gone either way, the Diki Volki ended up on top with the final score 13-12!

These kids have worked so hard and learned so much in just a couple of months!  They were awesome and we are super proud of both teams!

10671494_727692380618334_3839072106478883932_nThe champions!  Diki Volki!10801734_10152345839536386_2651189694011660829_nThe Darnitsa Tigers!

1962864_727692487284990_8596829289004646868_nYeagor won the award for best pitcher!

10421163_727692417284997_6247361031205346226_nEveryone!  Mashed together for a photo!

1488091_727692563951649_733937305064005342_nListening to Coach Zhenya’s secret strategy that helped them come from behind and win.

10612764_727692623951643_4911790716701349681_nFuture softball champion of Ukraine.


10411138_727693210618251_5925493409174911916_nThe mayhem of the dugout area.


This was the first children’s baseball tournament held in the Kyiv region in over 10 years so it was a BIG DEAL.  Here is the President of Kyiv Baseball League, Stanislav Somotov giving an interview about the tournament for the news media.


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