Leaving Ukraine

I left Ukraine last week for a short term visit to the states.  Leaving was hard.  I had a lot of mixed emotions.  I wanted a break.  I needed a break.  And yet, I didn’t want to go.  I’m used to mixed emotions, goodbyes, culture shock and jet lag but this time it was different.

Everything feels different this time around.  I didn’t think much about it and I didn’t want to make a big deal about it but it was really weird to be in a country where you are constantly thinking…..”what if?” all the time.  Where the thought of war and dealing with it’s fall out dominates nearly everyone’s subconscious.

So I’ve been trying to adjust, get perspective and relax my brain.  I hope to be sharing and blogging some.  Maybe more shorter posts….less thought out……


4 thoughts on “Leaving Ukraine

  1. It must have been hard for you dear friend… glad to be having a respite from all the uncertainty that war brings… yet sad at the same time. I presume you are sad because you are identifying with what your friends in Ukraine are going through, and somehow, you have become one with them in their pain. This is a beautiful, touching post. I can relate to mixed emotions. Having two or more conflicting emotions at the same time. And I am thinking of what you are “coming home” to… you will be facing a different kind of war. This world is war torn… and we are either the casualties, or the ones caught in the crossfire. How we need Jesus to come again soon. My heart breaks for Ukraine. I saw a photo of a long line of the people fleeing, with their bags and little ones. How my heart breaks. And how Abba Father’s heart must be breaking as well. These harsh realities make us long for our heavenly home – not to escape, but to just be finally home. Meanwhile I pray for those caught in this war – may their hearts long for God, and find Him. Love reading your thoughts on your blog, Michelle. Even the long, well thought out ones…. I love to read your thoughts, whenever I can. We need to write well thought out posts – at least I do – for the sake of giving myself a chance to understand what is happening in my inner world. Expressing it in written form somehow helps bring clarity. And thank you for reading my posts, even if you do not leave a written response. Praying for you. Shalom, friend.

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