Ukraine Perspective

I haven’t read Charle Dicken’s “A Tale Of Two Cities” but I know how the first line goes…..”It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…..”  When I am trying to explain to people what is happening in Ukraine, what my life and ministry is like, this theme always goes through my mind.

I’ve been thankful to have time to process my thoughts as I feel far away and safe from what is going on in Ukraine.  I’m trying to put things together so I can give people a good picture of what life is like right now in Ukraine.  I have become aware that many people do not realize that there is even a war going on and that the Ukrainian people are fighting for survival.  I don’t like to sensationalize what is going on and I like to focus on all the good things that are happening  as well.  I’ve found it hard to do this because it’s so much good and bad intensely bound together.

Along with children winning sports medals and learning how to set positive goals for their lives, and being so very thankful to be able to minister to children in such a positive way in such difficult times, I also think constantly about those who are losing their loved ones in the war.  Some are soldiers who have volunteered to fight, many unofficially and paying their own way, and some are innocent civilians.  The other day I read about a family whose mother simply went in the other room while her children were taking a bath and a missile landed on their house and killed all 3 of her children at once.  This was hours before an agreed ceasefire that lasted by some reports about one hour.

I will be sharing about my perspective of Ukraine next weekend at my home church, Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills on February 22nd at 1:30pm in the youth group room.  This will be a time when I can share but I will also be able to spend time and talk with people individually.  Please come by to say hello!!!!

You can get directions by clicking on Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills website, HERE. 


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