War Lamentations

IMG_20150612_102245Here’s an excerpt from my latest newsletter.  You can subscribe to my newsletters by clicking the link underneath my photo on the left hand sidebar.

This has been an interesting month so far as “processing” has become one of the important things that I need to make time for each day.  Pulling truth out of fantasy and separating deception from reality has become part of the new norm here in Ukraine.  Well, maybe it was always a little bit like this, but the war seems to be making things worse.  Since I get my news via social media feeds, this means looking through a lot of junky news articles to figure out what is going on.  I have to do this.  I live too close to a war zone to not know what is happening.  I am, quite frankly, tired of doing this.

“Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not.  They are new every morning; Great if your faithfulness, The Lord is my portion, says my soul.  Therefore I hope in HIm!”  – Lamentations 3:22,23

As I watch the world around me unfurl into insanity, I am more convinced than ever of the promises of God’s word being something that we can stand on in any kind of circumstances.

For some of us, as caring humans, we want to “fix” or “repair” what is broken around us.  I want to feed every lonely babushka at our market and buy them their medicine, new dentures and provide a safe place for them to live.  I want every war orphan or widow to be comforted.  I want kids to have the opportunity to play baseball or softball and learn how to win and work hard at something and feel good about themselves so they don’t have to fall into a life of alcohol, drugs or prostitution.  We desire to live in a good world, a world without war or orphans but yet we haven’t found a way to stop the craziness.

It’s never going to stop.

“And He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.”  –  Colossians 1:17

God is already holding everything together in his hands.  He wants to reveal himself to us through the messes around us.  We can’t fix or solve every problem around us, but we can look to Him to trust him to reveal himself to us and show us how we can make a positive and Godly impact on the world he has placed us in.  Life is always a gift whether it be short or long, in peaceful or in war torn times.  This is our portion.  This is our hope.


2 thoughts on “War Lamentations

  1. Hi Michelle. I’m not hearing that much about Ukraine on the news anymore. The stations I listen to seem to think it’s more important to focus on one individual’s change of gender than to inform of us world events. I pray that God will give you His perfect peace and wisdom, & tonight (Thurs.) is missionary prayer meeting so we will definitely be praying for you. Here’s a request for you: a team from Calvary Chapel Southbay is on their way to India right now.

    Joyce Sharnin

    Los Angeles


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