What It’s Like

I haven’t been blogging a lot.   Honestly, most of what I’m experiencing in life is just a total blur. I can hardly process what’s going on around me and it becomes even more crazy when I try to write it out clearly in a blog post.  When you are caught up in the whirl wind of world history, there is little patience for the hopes and heartbreaks of the individuals who get caught up in it.  All across Ukraine people’s lives are being scattered carelessly as over 2 million people (I personally think it’s more but I’m pretty bad with statistics) move their lives west to hopefully a safer place.  Some of these refugees are my friends, and I’ve watched as they moved to Kyiv and have been groping with the known and unknown as they strive to make new lives for themselves.  It’s not as easy as packing up your belongings and unpacking them again.  There’s tons of emotions involved.

The rest of us watch and wait and wonder about the worst case scenario which would mean moving too.  No one talks about it.  But the thoughts occupy a part of your brain that you could use for other things.

Poor media coverage means reading a lot of junky news reports on Facebook and trying to put together what is really going on.  So it’s hard because it’s always on your mind, but in the world around you, “It’s not really happening.”  Also, you get so busy dealing with regular life, that it’s difficult to process the war and regular life together at the same time. You want everything to keep going on as normal as possible, so you just ignore it and keep going.  That’s what we’re all doing.  This is what it’s like.

I’m going to try and blog more and share a little more about what life is like here.  It feels very complicated so bear with me.  I think writing it out and sharing will help.


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