Ultimate Forgiveness

I am reading a book called, “Sarah’s Key.”  It was written by a French woman.  She became aware of fact that Parisian police were the accomplices of Nazi soldiers and they sent thousands of Parisian Jews to their deaths in World War 2.  She was appalled when she found out this buried fact of history.  She was never taught about this in her history classes in school.  She wrote the book detailing what happened and dedicated it to the children who were killed.

As I read yet another book on the holocaust, I asked myself if we need to keep retelling this story over and over.  Hasn’t it been told enough?  I know the history.  I’ve read the books.  I’ve even visited Auschwitz. For some reason, I have assumed that as I’ve grown older, and that as many have stepped forward to tell their stories and share their experiences in life, that somehow, the world will become educated and people will begin to understand that hating other people for no reason at all except for their race or color of their skin is a waste of energy.

Dylann Roof has made me understand that this is not the case at all.  Dylann Roof has shown me that we need to keep talking and writing about it.  We need to keep sharing our experiences and educating the younger generations.  We need to be aware that racism is a sin that won’t go away and when that sin grows into anger and hatred, it will destroy lives.

I applaud those in this video who forgave Dylann.  I cannot imagine how difficult or painful this was to do.  I am thankful they asked him to repent for his actions.  I am thankful for so many African Americans, who in the face of enduring so much hate continue to stand up and forgive and endeavor to walk with grace and without bitterness.  These people are an amazing example to us all.

I am praying for those who lost loved ones in this tragedy.


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Forgiveness

  1. Michelle–We are praying for you on Thursday nights. Prayed you would not feel overwhelmed by all that’s happening around you & also that some of your supporters could give a little extra that you could share with the babushkas. What are the most straightforward news sources in English that give news about Ukraine? Thanks always for having a concern for my Jewish people.

    Joyce Sharnin

    Los Angeles


  2. i will send you news site links in English via facebook. I will try to do this today or maybe Sunday…..THANK YOU for praying! Please tell everyone I am so humbled and BLESSED! Your prayers are sustaining me! 🙂

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