Baseball Is For Everyone!

20151018_174303Last weekend was the final of Kyiv’s Children’s Championship Tournament and Chad brought the Titans from Lviv to Kyiv for an exhibition game against the winner, which turned out to be the Darnitsa Tigers.  They played the Diki Volki (Wild Wolves) in the final and most of these kids were ones I worked with last year so we had a lot of fun seeing each other and I loved watching them play and seeing how they’ve improved.

20151018_135355The Diki Volki in action.


Darnitsa Tigers saluting the Diki Volki after the game.


What you will never see at a baseball game in America, a steaming hot samovar brewing hot tea!


The Titans watching the end of the championship game.


Warming up the pitchers.


Game faces.


Strategy from the coach.


The Darnitsa Tigers made more runs than the Titans so we granted them the victory.  The score?  Not so important in this part of the world…..But we all had a lot of fun!


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