Babas Run Ukraine

10953183_621918607950538_7908266995125907326_nA Baba who ministers to soldiers behind the front. 

(I don’t know who took this photo. I got it off of facebook, but if it’s yours, I will be happy to give you credit, just contact me!)

For anyone who’s lived here, it’s a well known fact that babushki (grandma’s) actually run Ukraine.  They know what you should be eating, when you should be eating, how you should be eating.  What you should wear according to the weather’s needs and what you shouldn’t be wearing.  They know when you should marry and who you shouldn’t marry.  They know how you take your tea and can make some serious Ukrainian food.  They know where the extra potatoes are hidden and they always have food or can come up with food.  You will never starve if you have a babushka around.

They do a lot more than I could ever list here.  This is just a short version.  In essence, I think they are the glue of Ukraine.  I definitely think that babushki should have their own Ukrainian National Babushka Day!  Who’s in with me?


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