Is God Real?

IMG_20151013_165242I know that’s a heavy title but I’m not going to make this a heavy blog post since I am still suffering with a really bad cold.  As I have been floating around the internet more than usual since I’ve been sick, I have been reading blogs and trying to understand people’s perspective’s and thinking.

One of the biggest things that has happened the last couple of days and one that you are probably aware of is the red Christmas cup debate.  No, I’m not going there so don’t tune out. All I want to say is that debate and another blog debate on the validity of Operation Christmas Child as a ministry made me start to think.

All I want to say is that for us as Christians, we should be living out our belief in God through faith.  We should be walking by faith, not by sight.  Not by whatever relative truth the world is positioning us to believe.  If God is real for us, there is no reason to be angry, vindictive or resentful about not feeling heard.  There are not 500 different gospels and we should not be rewriting the bible to fit our own belief system.  There is one gospel which is Jesus Christ’s.  There is one bible which we should all be reading and learning to walk by faith through it’s truth and not the truth of the world.

That’s about as deep as I can go today with a bad sinus headache.


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