Goodbye November!


This was yesterday’s scene near my flat.  We had our first snow of 2015-26 winter.  I woke up to the dripping sound of rain.  The snow is gone and it’s been raining all day.  The sun went down at about 3:45pm.  I usually get up with the sun but have to set my alarm each morning or I will sleep through the day.  I’ve lost all sense of day and night.  It’s been dark and rainy for over a month.

Enough complaining about the weather!  I made it through the National Blog Posting Month!  I missed a few days but what can I say?  It’s been a busy and productive month.  There were a few days I just didn’t have enough brain power in me to come up with a post.

It was interesting to me that the post that received the most hits this month was actually a post from October called, “Special Children.”

It’s been good to get back into a blogging groove and I am going to try and keep it up.  Blogging seems to have changed a lot and I’m trying to find interesting topics without relating to the obvious topics that most bloggers cover… example from this month would be “Starbucks coffee cups” and “Should Syrian refugees be sent to America?”  Both interesting things to talk about, but who needs to write about what everyone else is arguing about?

I am looking forward to December.  I am already forging for lights for my tree and am listening to Christmas music!




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