Going Out


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Does time not fly by?  Are we not super busy?  I feel like every time I turn around I get hit with another problem to resolve or strange issue to deal with.  I get bogged down and tired trying to think about how to solve something and everything suddenly becomes very complicated just because every possible answer seems confusing.

I have been taking my problems to the Lord and the theme that He keeps putting on my heart is, “Go.”  Not “Go” as in “keep going” but “Go,” as “Go out.”

If you put “Go out” in a bible search engine, you will see that going and going out are a theme with God.  God called Abraham to go out from his country.  Jesus told his disciples to “Go” and make disciples.  And he really meant to go “out.”  Going to the ends of the world is about as “out” as you can get.  And Ukraine truly does feel like the end of the world to me, so where does he want me to go?  I’m already “there.”  Then I looked at what Jesus said again a bit more closely, “Go and make disciples of all the nations.”..…Matthew 28:19.  It is so easy in full time ministry to get caught up in organizations, their programs and marketing.  These things are a BIG deal in the Ukrainian Christian culture here and I know they are in the states too.  But the focus in ministry shouldn’t be on the outward appearance of what we are doing, or worrying about how it looks to others, but on making disciples, to build healthy relationships.  Sometimes we make everything so complicated when following Jesus is so simple.  As a leader, my goals needs to be constantly refined and focused so I can teach this to others.

If you are bogged down with problems, take a few moments to think how can you “go out” and help others know Jesus. You don’t have to move to the ends of the earth to do this. Just taking a few steps outside of your comfort zone to help someone else solve a problem or give a word of encouragement can help you regain focus on what really counts when the chaos is swooping over your life.


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