Happy First Easter!


It’s been a very busy time these last 8 weeks of my life so this is the first time I’ve had a chance to write a blog post.  It’s Easter Sunday (here in the states, thus the term “first Easter” since I will be celebrating it again in May when I am in Ukraine. That will be the “second” Easter.)

I just wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve been thinking about this past week.  The problem with culture shock is that you have all this stuff rolling, no crashing around in your head and it takes enormous mental energy to shift through everything and process it.  I have been talking with friends about my life in Ukraine and sharing some of the hard stuff.  I had been letting some things REALLY get to me but on Good Friday, during our church service, I realized how much I really am free in Christ and that all these things I was dealing with or allowing to bother me, didn’t really matter in the relationship I have with Christ.  Jesus died so I could be free.  That I really was spiritually free.

The Lord is the Spirit who gives them life, and where he is there is freedom from trying to be saved by keeping the laws of God.  –  2 Corinthians 3:17

We don’t have to “try” to be saved.  We are set free when we believe in Christ.  One of my friends pointed out that some of the difficult problems I deal with ministry is because I understand I am free while those around me may not know or understand this.  I am free to worship and serve Christ as he leads me to do so.  Not everyone understands this freedom.  I grew up in a country where I and my family can freely worship Christ.  Christ cannot be worshiped freely in every country.  I currently live in a country where most people I met grew up under spiritual oppression and persecution.

This whole idea really hit me again this Easter morning as I sat in church worshiping God with like minded believers.  Jesus died for us.  He died to make us free.  What an amazing blessing!

Happy First Easter!





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