PONY Ukraine in Kremenets!


PONY Ukraine took a team from Lviv to Kremenets to play in a weekend tournament/camp  and I was able to go and meet some of the new kids in Lviv who are have started playing in Ukraine’s PONY league.


We had a lively group of kids.  We stayed in an internat(orphanage)/boarding school.  Many of the internats in Ukraine are being phased out so they have extra room in them.  We were warmly welcomed by the staff with tasty Ukrainian food and comfy beds.


A lot of training went on as well as baseball games.







It was pretty cold, but that doesn’t stop baseball players in Ukraine!

For more information on PONY Ukraine, click HERE!



Baseball/Softball Camp

IMG_7288We are organizing a baseball/softball camp with the Kyiv Baseball Federation from Oct 28th – Nov 1rst in Pusha Voditsa. Places are limited and registration is on a first come, first serve basis. If you are in the Kyiv area and have children who would like to attend, please email me for more information.  semkee@yahoo.com

Youth Of Ukraine Phoenix Project

Help Us Develop Girl’s Softball In Ukraine!

466287_10201180837987262_1419245378_oYouth Of Ukraine Phoenix Project is starting children’s softball/baseball leagues in Kyiv.  We have been blessed with tons of baseball equipment and we are forming and organizing teams with Kyiv’s Baseball Federation.

We need to get girls involved too!  Sports is a great way for them to learn discipline, how to set goals. and it helps them with their social development with other girls as well as building their self esteem.  We need softball equipment!  Please contact me if you can donate new/used equipment or have any contacts that might be able to help us!  semkee@yahoo.com.



Why Baseball?

1271437_546537522067155_307621189_oWhat happens when you can’t have a baseball seminar outside because it’s pouring rain?  We go inside and underground.


Makeshift batting cage.



1262901_546539445400296_854211450_oPeople keep asking me, “Why baseball?”  My answer is, “Why not baseball?”

Please check out our website:  www.youthofukrainephoenixproject.weebly.com

We need softball equipment (used is fine) for girls.  Please email me if you can help or have a contact of someone who might be able to help.  Thanks!