Life Goes On

I am thankful to be back in Ukraine even with all the uncertainty.  I know that may seem strange but my life has been disrupted for over five months now and once I returned and got situated and back in my routine, it was like breathing a sigh of relief.  Routine can be very comforting.

Watching and reading the news daily does nothing but increase anxiety among those who look at it as a touch stone on their reality.  What it really does is create a false sense of what is really going on.  Most of what is being presented as factual news is either twisted stories from propaganda or facts pumped into sensationalism.

The weird thing is that underneath all the media craziness, fear and threat of war, life goes on.  What you don’t see on the news is that there are real people trying to live in the middle of all this.  People who are carrying on with their daily lives the best they can while the world whirls out of control. People go to the market to buy food, moms take care of their kids, people go to work.  Most of the typical things that people do go on even with the tension of not knowing what the future will bring.

Sixty nine years ago today victory came to Europe after World War 2.  Why do we stop and celebrate this day? The wars continue, tanks roll down the streets, tyrants stretch their muscles for power over the powerless.  We visit Auschwitz and cry, “Never Again” yet, again we have genocide happen in other places to other people.

The last five months have made me think a lot about how we perceive our world. What do we think is true in regards to what is going on around us and what might not be true about what we think we know? How we should navigate the uncertainty of this new reality of not really knowing?  Who should we be spending time with and what we should be doing with our time?  Life is a gift and we shouldn’t be wasting it.

I am more convinced than ever that the peace that we seek as humans on this earth cannot be found in trusting man but must come within us through trusting God.  It is good to seek peace through politics and by justice, but there will always be flaws.

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.  –  John 14:26,28

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